Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Results of Traffic Calming Study on Montgomery Street

Last year, the Laurel Department of Public Works conducted a speed study on Montgomery Street, near 11th Street, and determined that there were a large proportion of speeders at this residential location. DPW recently installed a center-island median, bright crosswalks, and a pedestrian pedestal at 11th Street and Montgomery Street (see Figure). DPW then conducted an after study to see if the traffic calming elements had the desired effect. As shown in the Figure below, 59% of all non-turning vehicles exceeded 30 mph prior to the traffic calming installation. After the installation, this number was reduced to 19% of all non-turning vehicles. The graph shows the motorists can still conveniently travel at the speed limit (25 mph), but are far less inclined to speed excessively. This balance of safety and convenience represents a win-win for both motorists driving through the neighborhood and for residents of the area who are more inclined to walk.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Sidewalk along Van Dusen Road

The City of Laurel will be installing new sidewalk and curb-and-gutter along Van Dusen Road between Cherry Lane and Laurel Oaks Lane. Van Dusen has a high number of speeders, and there is currently no sidewalk along this segment. This segment is heavily used by pedestrians (primarily by school children), as evident by the path worn out in the grass along the road's shoulder. As shown in the figure below, this new sidewalk will connect the private sidewalk adjacent to the condominiums on Laurel Oaks Lane with the sidewalk along Cherry Lane, allowing residents a safer and more convenient passage.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Transportation and Public Safety Committee Meeting

On Tuesday October 27, 2009 at 7pm, Laurel will have its quarterly Transportation and Public Safety Committee meeting. The meeting will be held in room #2 at City Hall. Residents with concerns about roadway safety or congestion on City roads are encouraged to attend. Items currently on the agenda include:
  • Montgomery Street traffic improvements
  • Pedestrian safety at 10th and Montrose.
  • Prohibited Parking in Wellington Subdivision – Ordinance 1436
  • Traffic Safety at Laurel High
  • Nightime visibiliy at Talbot and 5th.
This is an opportunity for residents to voice their pedestrian/bike/vehicle safety concerns directly to a City Councilperson, as well as City Staff from the Public Works and Police departments.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Montgomery Street - the Light at the end of the Tunnel

For some time now, local drivers have had to endure the Mess on Montgomery Street due to the installation of new water and sewer lines. As of this writing, The City has scheduled with contractors to pave Montgomery Street this month. We recognize that on-street parking is heavily used on Montgomery Street, but in order to expedite the paving, please adhere to the temporary "No Parking" signs when they are posted along the street. The signs will be posted 48 hours prior to paving, per DPW policy.

Prior to Montgomery Street, the following streets will also be paved:
  1. Ward
  2. 8th Street
  3. Lafayette
  4. Fairlawn
The roads will be paved in the above order.