Saturday, August 29, 2009

City unveils new Bikway Plan

The City of Laurel and the Department of Public Works is proud to release its draft Bikeway Transportation Plan for public review and comment. The draft can be downloaded here (3MB file).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Traffic Calming: Before-and-After Study

The City of Laurel conducted a Before-and-After Study of traffic calming measures at two locations in the City:
1) Greenview Drive
2) Montrose Traffic Circle.

  • Narrowing the roadway on Greenview, by striping parking lanes, resulted in an 11% reduction in all speeders and a 21% reduction in motorists who exceeded the speed limit by 10+ mph.
  • Constricting the westbound lane entering the Montrose traffic circle from 16 ft to 13 ft wide and adding splitter islands to the traffic circle reduced the number of speeders (25+mph) by 80%. Motorists traveling 30+ mph were reduced by 96%.
(click Greenview graph for larger figure)

(click Montrose graph for larger figure)