Monday, December 27, 2010

Traffic signal requests on State roads

Periodically, the City requests traffic signals or pedestrian signals on State Roads that run through Laurel, but are maintained by SHA:  MD 198, MD 197 and US 1.  This year, we requested signals at three such locations;
  • MD 198 in front of the Amish Market (pedestrian signal only)
  • MD 197 at Clubhouse Blvd. (pedestrian signal only)
  • MD 198 at 5th Street (Gorman Ave)
Here is an update:
The pedestrian signal in front of the Amish Market was granted and has been installed.  The pedestrian signal at MD 197 & Clubhouse has been approved, but no installation date has been provided.  The full traffic signal request at Gorman Ave and 5th Street has been denied, citing insufficient pedestrian or vehicle crossing traffic.  SHA conducts several warrants for both safety and traffic delay when determining whether or not a signal is warranted. The intersection of Gorman & 5th Street did not meet these warrants at this time.  As indicated by SHA in our correspondence, growth at or near that intersection may change the calculus in the future.

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