Friday, May 20, 2011

Complete Streets: 4th Street edition

While form should always follow function in the creation of a complete street, form still matters.  Here is 4th Street from 2 years ago.

4th Street, circa 2009
And here is 4th Street now. Note the:
  • Pedestrian refuge islands to provide for those crossing the street - function
  • Narrow lanes to reduce vehicle speed - function
  • Bike lanes to increase roadway capacity - function
  • Center-island medians that prevent 250,000 gallons of run-off per year - function
  • Tree-lined medians to provide boulevard-style tree canopy - form
  • Red brick medians - form
  • All on-street parking has been retained  - function
  • Wide decorative "brick" crosswalks - form and function

The inclusion of form with function creates a complete street that not only works well but is attractive and beneficial to retaining property values for those that live there.  What if Route 1 looked like this through our fair City?  Why can't it?

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