Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Sidewalk

Now that many repairs to existing sidewalk around town have been made, the City's contractor will construct two new lengths of sidewalk to fill in some gaps in the overall network. There are two locations - one on the north side of town and the other on the south side:
  1. 7th Street, east side, between Montgomery Street and Prince George Street. (update: completed 7/7/11)
  2. Laurel Lakes Ave, west side, from its intersection with Cypress south to where the existing sidewalk terminates.  (update: sidewalk completed last night and has seen many users already!)
Each of these new segments will add about 400' of sidewalk to the City's overall network. 

The additional sidewalk on 7th Street fills in a necessary gap that ought to prevent pedestrians from needing to cross 7th Street, near Prince Georges Street - an uncontrolled location. Similarly, the new sidewalk on Laurel Lakes Ave provides an off-street connection for pedestrians traveling between the Laurel Lakes Shopping Center and the senior housing facility on Laurel Lakes Ct.
(Left) New sidewalk on 7th Street; (Right) new sidewalk on Laurel Lakes Ave

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